UKEAS is one of the world’s leading international education consultancies, providing professional assistance and counselling to international students whose dream it is to study in the UK. Since beginning in 1993, we have successfully assisted tens of thousands of students pursue their studies in the UK. We help our students with free counselling and application support regardless of what study goal they have in mind, whether they’re heading to a high school, college, or university. Having expanded considerably since 1993, UKEAS now boasts a presence in several countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and China, along with a base in the UK.

Throughout the years we have accumulated a great amount of experience in helping students meet their study abroad goals, and as a result our counsellors are incredibly well versed in the ins-and-outs of UK education. UKEAS is also proud to have a strong relationship and reputation with UK institutions. As a company we insist on giving friendly, professional, impartial and comprehensive advice to any student. We are constantly looking to improve the services that we offer to our partner institutions and students, services which are best summarised in our mission statement below:
Mission Statement
UKEAS are committed to providing our students with a world-class service to help them prepare for study in the UK.
UKEAS are dedicated to helping our students reach their educational objectives and to advancing their careers upon their return to their home country.
We look forward to building friendships during the application process, while you are a student in the UK and upon your return to your home country.
We firmly believe that students are happier, more settled and more successful when they are studying at the most appropriate institution for them and have been fully counselled throughout the applications procedure. UKEAS counselling is impartial and comprehensive covering all aspects of the application and, once the student has accepted an offer, accommodation, food, weather and the idiosyncrasies of student life in the UK from the perspective of an international student.

We welcome you to our offices to join the UKEAS Community.


Whether students want to study high schools, undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses or language schools in the UK, UKEAS provide our students with a fully comprehensive service and has successfully assisted many students enrolling in the UK's top academic institutions.


UKEAS was founded in 1993 in the UK and Taiwan. Since then we have helped send thousands of students to study in the UK. Our company is still growing steadily. There are offices in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Nigeria. Of course, some offices are in the UK.

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