Type: Girls Only
Nearest Airport: Heathrow
Nearest Station: Bedord

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About Bedford Girls' School

Bedford Girls' School

Bedford Girls School is an independent school for pupils aged 11 to 18 in Bedford, England. It is one of five schools run by the Harpur Trust. It still stands on its original site in Harpur ward, near the centre of Bedford.

The High School has undergone many extensions and additions to its buildings. The Junior School acquired a new wing in 1896 (where ICT and mathematics are now situated) and remained there until moving into the present building in Adelaide Square in 1985. In the 1890s the Main Hall was extended out towards the road so that it became T shaped. It also obtained a pipe organ built by Norman and Beard of Norwich which is still in use for daily assemblies. Other notable changes include the gym built in 1931 which is now a theatre, the acquisition of the former Trinity Church which was converted into a dining hall with classrooms above in 1981 and, most recently, in 2005, the new sports and performing arts complex with many facilities including a 25 x 13 m swimming pool.

At first the morning register was called in the hall after assembly, but soon the numbers had exceeded 100 and so registers were taken in the form rooms. By the turn of the century the numbers were above 600, at which level they stabilised until the late seventies when again they grew, reaching around a thousand in the eighties. Now the numbers are kept stable at around 850.

Courses Offered:

Seconary school
2 yr GCSE
A Level
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