Study English in the UK!

As the home of the language, the UK understandably has a very large number of English Language schools, each adapted to suit individual needs and capabilities. It makes no difference as to whether you’re a beginner or at an advanced level, or whether you’re studying for an academic purpose or for a general purpose, you’re guaranteed to find an English Language course tailored for you.

Listed below are the reasons as to why the UK would be an ideal place to learn the English Language:

To make sure that our students get the quality teaching they want, we only recommend language schools that have been accredited by the British Council and English in the UK (formally ARELS & BASELT)

Prefer a specific mix of nationalities? Your UKEAS counsellor can help you with the task of finding a school with those nationalities to make sure you really have to use your English.

English language teaching has long been a pillar of the UK’s educational history; due to this it has garnered a reputation for being one of the best places to learn.

The simplicity of the UK’s transport systems gives any student the freedom to roam around the UK and Europe, presenting the opportunity of experiencing different cultures and cities all within the same day or weekend trip.

The vibrant culture, rich history, various museums and art galleries are enough to draw any student into the UK.

Many pop and rock bands that originated in the UK have risen to global prominence; annual music festivals such as the world famous Reading and Glastonbury festivals are also held in the UK, amongst hundreds of other music concerts and local music venues. There are also various opera houses and classical music concerts that one can attend.

The UK has a vibrant history of theatre culture; step into London’s West End and you’re guaranteed to find world famous musicals and plays. Outside London, there are various other opportunities such as the Edinburgh Festival, or the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester to watch drama.

With trains in the UK being easy and convenient, Europe is right on your doorstep, with cities such as Paris, Milan, and Brussels all just a train ride away.

The UK has a longstanding tradition of welcoming international students, and with current crime rates at a low it is one of the safest countries to study in when compared to other Anglophone states. As a result this makes the UK a comfortable studying environment for any student.

With an abundance of English language schools for almost any type of study environment, including a choice of city, town, or countryside, you can be assured that through the help of your UKEAS counsellor, you will find the right study environment for you.

With the supervision of several teaching quality control groups, English language schools are regularly examined on their services to the strictest of standards, ensuring quality. The most well-known group is the English in Britain Accreditation Scheme, which is jointly run by the Association of Recognised English Language Services (ARELS) and the British Association of State English Language Teaching (BASELT). All English language schools recommended by UKEAS are schools that have qualified; in other words you can be certain that these schools are of top quality. Please talk to your counsellor as to which English language school would best suit your needs.

Language School List

All schools recommended by UKEAS have been accredited by the British Council and English in the UK (formally ARELS & BASELT).

Language School Promotions

UKEAS 提供許多獨家優惠給想在英國學習英語的人,同時,我們會在這裡更新我們與語言學校的最新合作方案,讓學到地英語不再是一大負擔!
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