Location: Bournemouth
Nearest Airport: London Heathrow Airport
Pick-up service: Yes
Nearest Station: 1.61km

Type: Private Language School
Tuition: $ $
Network equipment: Yes
Accommodation options:
Average class size: 11
Number of students: 150-200
Age limit: 16

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About British Study Centres Bournemouth

British Study Centres Bournemouth

Professional certification

Extracurricular activities

One-to-One Lessons/Cooking/Windsurfing

Teaching quality

British Study Centre Bournemouth keep their teaching team up to date with the latest ideas in EFL teaching in a number of ways. We have staff meetings every week, and training sessions (every other Friday afternoon) when we introduce new ideas and techniques as well as discuss the particular needs of students who might be having problems, and plan for the future. To have regular meetings like this is unusual in a language school, but we believe it is the only way we can maintain the proper level of professionalism and care.

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