Location: Brighton and Hove
Nearest Airport:
Pick-up service: Yes
Nearest Station: 4.83km

Type: Private Language School
Tuition: $ $
Network equipment: Yes
Accommodation options:
Average class size: 15
Number of students: 100-150
Age limit: 16

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About Embassy Brighton

Embassy Brighton

Professional certification

Extracurricular activities

Karaoke night, Art galleries, Cinema, theatre, clubs, Rollerblading, Bowling

Teaching quality

All our teachers are professionally trained with specialist qualifications in English language teaching such as the Cambridge Certificate and Diploma, in addition to educational qualifications from universities and colleges. Many specialise in particular areas of teaching, or are engaged in research, textbook writing, materials development or the use of IT in ELT.
The course teacher will plan the course week by week according to each student's needs and wants.

School Introduction

With 27 years of professional experience,
UKEAS provides whole range of counselling service for your dream blueprint.
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