Location: Broadstairs
Nearest Airport:
Pick-up service: Yes
Nearest Station: 0.32

Type: Private Language School
Tuition: $ $
Network equipment: Yes
Accommodation options:
Average class size: 9
Number of students: 100-150
Age limit: 17

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About Hilderstone College

Hilderstone College

Professional certification

Extracurricular activities

Information about the lively social programme of afternoon and evening activities as well as half-day and fullday trips offered by Hilderstone College. A range of sports are possible each week on our social programme as well as facilities and opportuniti

Teaching quality

Will my teachers be good?
It's an important question when you are choosing a course: How do I know if my teachers will be good? We want to put your mind at rest - Hilderstone teachers are among the best in the UK.
Why are Hilderstone teachers special?

Hilderstone College has a large permanent staff of fully qualified teachers who do most of the teaching at the College. All of these teachers are graduates and have specialist postgraduate teaching qualifications (see list). This means, in British Council terms, that they are fully "TEFL qualified" They are also highly experienced as teachers and teacher trainers. Most have taught English in other countries as well as in the UK.

Teaching methods
Our teachers use a wide range of up-to-date materials and technology, and are constantly involved in the production of new ideas and teaching materials based on English as it is used today. We also believe that if you want to learn English fast and effectively, then you need to enjoy your learning. Variety is part of this process - variety of teaching styles, variety of materials and variety of activity. Our teachers are friendly and accessible, and are always happy to help and advise - or just have a chat!

School Introduction

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