Location: Chester
Nearest Airport:
Pick-up service: Yes
Nearest Station: 11.26

Type: Private Language School
Tuition: $ $ $ $
Network equipment: Yes
Accommodation options:
Average class size: 8
Number of students: 50-100
Age limit: 17

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About English in Chester

English in Chester

Professional certification

Extracurricular activities

Our members of staff are involved in the social programme and enjoy being with the students., English in Chester is also very keen for students to get involved in activities with the local community. We encourage students to join dance classes, sports clu

Teaching quality

English in Chester teaching methods are relaxed and informal and very effective. They concentrate on all four of the skill areas but especially on speaking and listening. Their students are active members of the class and our course design meets the needs of each student. The school's philosophy is that learning English is exciting and pleasurable.

School Introduction

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