This March, we designed an even better Study World for students who dream to further their education overseas. Study World will be your main avenue for furthering your personal growth in academe by providing you with the best experience through interactions with representatives from universities in the United Kingdom, Switzerland etc.

 The exhibition shall also provide you with educational workshops and seminars, scholarship opportunities, visa consultations, and other exciting freebies that may assist potential students in making the right decision for their study.

 Setting up a path for the achievement of your goals is important now more than ever, and your journey starts when you decide where you want to be. The search for self-growth often goes beyond the four walls and exploring the world as you learn is a rare opportunity that not many are given.

 Part of the ride is discovering that your academic journey overseas can begin with us. Allow UKEAS to bring you a Study World like no other by registering now! You will learn how exploring your opportunities, discovering your potential, and growing the best version of yourself is easy when you attend Study World this March 8, 2020 at The PALACE Hotel, Palace Ballroom. Level 6 from 1pm to 5pm! Remember, Education is Great and #YouCanWithUKEAS!





Online Registration

Registration for this exhibition has not yet begun. Please check again soon


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