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About Jacobs University

Jacobs University is the number 1 private university in Germany and is also a number 1 university in Germany for International Outlook. Highlighted by their high standards in research and teaching followed by an interdisciplinary concept. It is a university which focuses on academic excellence with a global perspective. They received a high-ranking recognition from Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2019-2020. A pathway overview where their graduates are also choices of Top Employers from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture, KPMG, Roche and more. With their high standard and quality education, large companies in or near higher education cities actively recruit international graduates.

Social Overview:

·         374,580 foreign students enrolled in German universities in 2018, with 61% of students choosing Germany as a first choice.

·         Germany has the strongest economy in Europe and 4th largest economy in the whole world.

·         After graduating, 18 month post-study work visas are issued, with students eligible for permanent residency pathways after working in Germany for 2 years. Naturalisation is available after continuously working and living in Germany for 8 years.

Scholarships & Funding options

This university provides a great financial plan whereby progressing to JU gives access to student loans up to 100% and tuition scholarships worth up to 75%. A student loan repayment called “study now, pay later” only starts upon securing employment and earning over a certain threshold. By staying in JU accommodation with catering costs, students are able to save approximately €8000 per year or €24,000 across the span of a full bachelors programme which is 3 years.

Scholarships and Financing options are available and it is called Merit-Based Scholarships. These scholarships are automatically determined upon progression to JU and are considered regardless of financial situation. It is based on academic skills and social commitment. Does not need to be repaid and Scholarships are worth up to €15,000 (up to 75% of tuition)

Other than that, an option called “JUSTSTUDYATEASE PROGRAMME” in cooperation with JU’s partner Brain Capital, the JustStudyAtEase tuition loan program provides a flexible, fully optional, and financing option.

·         Flexible repayment plan based on your future income and personal circumstances

·         Repayment doesn’t begin until you have reached a predefined minimum income

·         Repayment may be deferred, if you earn less than the defined minimum income level 

Career opportunities

Studying and working part time in Germany, whereby international students are allowed to work 120 full days or 240 half days per year. They are also not allowed to be self-employed or work as freelancers. Insurance contribution is needed to be paid if a student is working more than 20 hours a week.


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