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Daniel Hajas has recently graduated from the University of Sussex. During his time in Sussex, he developed a new app that aims to help visually impaired people to study science. Complicated graphs and diagrams are uploaded to the Iris app and sighted experts around the world describe them to visually impaired.

He was inspired to create the Iris app because he found that during university when he used the screen-reading software the technology couldn’t decipher the complex scientific material.

 He explains: “I’ve managed to achieve good grades so far, but it’s been difficult and other blind students might have given up by now.

“I don’t know of too many blind people who’ve become scientific researchers, and this might be because they are not getting the right help.”

Currently there are already apps that connect blind people with sighted volunteers but the Iris app is the first service that is specifically designed to pair blind students with scientifically trained volunteers.

Daniel first joined Sussex University in 2013. He says that: “When I decided to do a Physics degree, many people told me I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I’m happy to have proved them wrong.

“A big part of my success so far has been down to the help I received from the Physics department at Sussex, and from the wider University community.”

He is currently seeking charity status for his organisation, Grapheel, which aims to make science subjects more accessible to blind people through Iris and other projects.

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