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Business & Hotel Management School 

As of August 6th, 2020, there has been no reported cases of Covid-19 at B.H.M.S. as the students and staffs strictly adhere to the authorized guidelines and regulations. The school is currently preparing for the arrival of new as well as returning students. B.H.M.S. has also prepared a quarantine zone in City Campus for students who came from countries or areas with a higher risk of infection to ensure a safe environment for everyone. Click for more info

University of Leicester 

The University is currently in the midst of preparing for the students’ safe return to the campus. There are precautionary videos provided by the University including ones for on campus safety and living in halls for UK and international students. Additionally, they are also in the process of developing a Covid-19 screening programme—designed to detect signs of infections at an early stage—which is due to launch this October. Click for more info

Liverpool John Moores University 

LJMU plans to start the next academic year on time, with the 1st week of teaching on standard programmes to begin on September 28, 2020. The University will resort to using a blended approach—a mixture of online and face-to-face teaching—for their academic delivery as a way to adapt to the new restrictions. LJMU will also have a phased reopening of their campuses in order to continuously assess their social distancing measures and to amend any changes required to ensure everyone’s safety and security. Click for more info

York St. John University 

Excluding a small number of essential staff on site, staff and students are still working and studying from home where possible. As of now, all the teaching and learning still continue to take place at a distance. However, the University will be delivering a mixture of face-to-face and online learning and teaching from September onwards. Click for more info

Trinity College Dublin 

The teaching term for incoming undergraduates at TDC will now start on 5 October or a week later than planned. Postgraduate and Undergraduate Visiting and Erasmus Orientation will take place from 21 September and Undergraduate Orientation for new first years will take place from 28 September. This short delay is necessary following a decision by the Department of Education to delay the release of Leaving Certificate results and to allow the necessary time for the processing and acceptance of CAO offers for students. Any time that has been lost by the delay will be made up later in the academic year. Existing students will start back on 28 September as originally planned. Click for more info

University of Hertfordshire 

A decision has been made by the university to move all face-to-face teaching online starting from 16 March as well as to close all academic buildings in accordance to the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23 March. The Halls of Residence, however, remain open for students that are unable to return home. Click for more info

University of Stirling 

The University plans to start the semester as planned on 14 September in line with newly imposed guidance and restrictions. University buildings are presently closed due to the current lockdown restrictions, and we are awaiting news from government on how and when those may change. Given that some form of social distancing restrictions will be in force for months to come, and the difficulties of operating the campus facilities under those restrictions, it is unlikely that the University will be fully operational on campus for the coming semester. Click for more info

Northumbria University 

The university took the decision to move all face-to-face teaching online from 16 March and following the Prime Minister's announcement on 23 March, all University academic buildings are now closed. Halls of Residence remain open for those students who are unable to return home. The new academic year will start in September as planned. New students will be welcomed from 21 September with continuing students starting their teaching from 28 September. Click for more info

Oxford Sith Form College 

The College’s main building in King Edward Street re-opened on 29 June and is staffed by reception, admissions and facilities staff together with a member of the College’s senior management team (Assistant Principals; Principal). The second teaching building in King Edward Street and the boarding houses will be opened in phases during the next few weeks such that all of the College’s buildings are fully opened again by the middle of August. Click for more info

Les Roches 

As the Covid-19 situation continues to persist, Les Roches has come up with a unique program—called Les Roches Connect—that enables students to start on their Bachelor’s degree that begins in October 2020. This blended program was created to deliver the complete semester 1 curriculum to the students through a mixture of at home and on campus learning. Click for more info

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