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The UK government has issued a lockdown order as Covid-19 cases are rising rapidly across the country. This guidance serves as a safety precaution during this crucial time.


  • The UK is currently back under lockdown in compliance with the order issued by the government. As such, students should not be leaving their places of residence (except to shop for food, seek medical care, exercise, attend education institutions where necessary). This will last until at least mid-February.


  • The government is requesting that university students do not travel from their current locations to their university campuses unless necessary.


  • All university level courses will be taught online except those relating to Medicine, Social Care, and some Education-related courses until the 22nd of February. This is more strict than guidance provided a few days ago that would have allowed lab and studio-based courses to go ahead. 


  • With this in mind, students who have not yet travelled to the UK should be advised that they should look to study online until at least mid-February and travel when the lockdown finishes. However, for those with visas and plane tickets in hand (or with applications being processed), the universities should be contacted for advice.

For a more detailed guidance, you may refer to the official website by clicking on this link :

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