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  • After nearly two months of COVID-19 vaccinations, researchers have released various studies that prove the efficacy of the vaccines in real-world conditions: The drugs all prevented severe illness, hospitalizations, and deaths.


US & Canada

  • The United States is now administering an average of 2 million vaccine doses per day.
  • Biden says there will be enough vaccine available for all adults by the end of May, as Johnson & Johnson makes a deal with Merck & Co to boost supply.
  • Canada’s vaccine panel now recommends four months between vaccine doses, matching the UK policy. This new COVID-19 vaccination protocol will allow health officials to inoculate more people, sooner.


  • On March 2, Nigeria successfully received its first vaccines and will now commence its inoculation program, becoming the third country in Africa to get the shots through COVAX.


  • The Indian maker Covaxin says its vaccine is safe and effective, with an interim efficacy of 81% in Phase 3 clinical trials.
  • As part of efforts to boost India's immunization drive, the Central Government has permitted a round-the-clock Covid-19 vaccination programme. Now, hospitals are free to administer vaccinations 24/7.

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