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  • the US are on track to meet their objective to offer vaccine eligibility to all adults by May 1st.
  • More data shows AstraZeneca vaccine is effective, and Pfizer progresses in developing a new treatment drug for early-stage Covid.

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  • The AstraZeneca vaccine showed 76% efficacy against symptomatic coronavirus disease and 100% efficacy against severe or critical disease or the need for hospitalization.
  • Pfizer trials has begun an early-stage clinical trial testing its experimental oral antiviral drug for Covid-19. This new pill could stop early-stage Covid in its tracks.



  • Public Health England (PHE) analysis indicates that the COVID-19 vaccination program prevented 6,100 deaths in those aged 70 and older in England up to the end of February.


  • EU leaders are to hold virtual talks to discuss ways of boosting Covid vaccine supplies and improving the rollout of doses across the 27-nation bloc.
  • The UK and the European Union have said they are working together to improve their relationship, after weeks of tensions over Covid vaccine supplies. In a joint statement, they said they wanted to "create a win-win situation and expand vaccine supply for all".

Asia Pacific

  • Over 3,000 people in Taiwan received the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in the first two days of the vaccine roll-out.

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