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UK and US marching back towards normal life

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  • People in England are now allowed to hug loved ones and enjoy indoor hospitality.
  • America is winning its fight against the coronavirus as new cases rate falls across the whole country. Also, fully vaccinated people will not have to wear facemasks anymore in most public places.

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  • Boris Johnson intends for Covid facemask rules to be relaxed in June. People will still be encouraged to wear masks in confined and poorly ventilated spaces such as shops and on public transport after June 21 but will no longer face fines if they fail to do so.
  • In mainland Scotland, people will be able to hug their loved ones and meet in private homes as most of mainland Scotland moves to Level 2, with eased restrictions on hospitality, entertainment, education and sport. Also, People in Scotland will be able to travel to some foreign destinations without the need to quarantine on their return.



In the Philippines, The Department of Health (DOH) is not in favor of providing “vaccine passes” to individuals already vaccinated for access to certain indoor establishments, opposing the recommendation reportedly being pushed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and some members of the private sector.

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