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Amanda Teo
Study in Green River Community College Advanced Medical Science course Kota Kinabalu

"Hi, my name is Amanda, and I’m from Malaysia. I’m taking biomedical science as my pre-med major.

"I was researching where to study and found that the United States has a really advanced medical science program, and also they focus on academics and outside activities at the same time, so I thought that was a really good match for me.

"After that, I found out about Green River. I come from a middle income family, so cost was one of the main things that really impacted my decision  I chose Green River because of the affordable cost, and also because they have a really strong academic advising program.

"There are so many things that I like about Green River. One of the main things is the diversity. You can meet people from all around the world. Growing up in a diverse community in Malaysia - we have three main races - I took it for granted, you could say. Because growing up, I never really thought it was important, until I came here, and I was able to converse with other people such as Indonesians and Chinese, because I grew up speaking Malay, which is similar to Indonesian and Mandarin.

"The second thing I like about Green River is the advising program. When I was writing my personal statement, my advisor went the extra mile to help me. At Green River College, they have an appointment system where you have to sign up online, and it was full. My advisor was willing to help me by putting any time slot he had left for me to help me and work with me on my personal statement for transfer."I got into University of Buffalo, and I’m waiting for two more schools, and then I’ll decide where to go next."I’m happy with the University of Buffalo. I fell in love with that school because similar to Green River - they have a really strong international program, and they have strong advising, and most importantly, they have strong academics for my major, biomedical science.

"I would definitely recommend Green River to my friends because of the experience here - and there are so many opportunities - scholarships, job opportunities, and club activities - I feel like, with Green River, there’s no limitation. You can even start your own club if you don’t find anything that interests you. So, I would definitely recommend Green River to my friends.

"You can find a lot of opportunities here at Green River. Anything that you like, or anything that interests you, you can definitely find something here if you try and put yourself out there."

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GRC Alumna, Amanda Teo, is currently a Biomedical Sciences student at the University of Buffalo. She, along with first year Med student, Gary Iacobucci, have developed a prototype plastic face shield to donate to local hospital medical staff.

"I never thought..." Recently, these three words have been used frequently. All of us have been affected to a certain degree by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some more significantly than others. Some have lost their loved ones, their jobs, and homes. I am deeply saddened to watch this happening across the world - feeling powerless against a virus unable to even be seen with our eyes. But in the midst of this tragedy, I also see communities coming together, people banding together to help and be there for each other in various ways. Everywhere, people donate what they can to keep their family, friends, and community safe. 

Like many fellow students mandated to stay home, I felt helpless for not being able to contribute my part. However, I was inspired by my mother back home in Malaysia who organized a face shield assembling project to support local medical frontliners. Her actions inspired me and gave me the courage to initiate something similar in Buffalo, where I currently reside. Along with my friend, Gary Iacobucci, we started contacting local hospitals, developing our prototypes, gathering funds, resources, and volunteers. It was not easy in the beginning, but we received warm support from various communities including Green River College. We could not have done this without the support that we have received. It is a testament to the generosity of people and our resilience during times of crisis. We hope that this project will continue to help support our local front liners as they continue to risk their lives to combat this pandemic. I never thought that I could be a part of something bigger than myself. 

On top of that, even after being away from Green River College, I am still proud to call myself a Gator and to call it my second home. During my two years at Green River College, I received numerous guidance and was given many opportunities to build and strengthen my leadership, teamwork, creative and critical thinking skills. The advisors and instructors at Green River College create a close-knit community with their students and you can truly feel that they care about their students sincerely. Hence, I would like to thank my advisors, instructors and good friends from Green River College who have supported me throughout my college and university transition. They have undoubtedly helped to make me who I am. GO GATORS!

While attending Green River College, Amanda Teo was one of our Featured Students.  In this video she shares why she chose to study at GRC and what she loved most about being an international student here.

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